Saturday, November 30, 2013

I have welcomed a guest blogger.

I have welcomed a guest onto my blog. Her name is Eva Stephen, from the United Kingdom. She is going to be giving you some Christmas hints, for the holidays. Please read and enjoy. Thanks Eva.
Hello everyone, I am Eva from Home Decor by Eva and will be sharing some winter inspirational holiday ideas with you today. I am so glad to be here at La Petite Fleur as Penny's guest. Hope you enjoy my post. Happy Ready :)

Winter Home Decor: Celebrate the holidays in an organised manner

The winter holidays will soon be upon us, and it is time to get ready for the hustle bustle and crowds that will be coming your way this Christmas! If you tend to run a less-than immaculate home you may feel daunted at the thought of getting your home to a high standard and, almost worse than that, keeping it that way while you try to feed, entertain and amuse all your guests!

Get Organized For The Holidays

First of all, make it clear to everyone in the family that they will do their part when guests are staying over! Teenagers can choose between chatting to family friends and relatives or working away out of sight, and even small children can be responsible for bringing dirty plates and cups through to the kitchen and stacking them neatly. Make a discreet checklist of everything that will need to be done so you do not forget anything, from vacuuming to blitzing the toilet – and remember that all of these chores will need to be done more often with so many extra bodies in the house.

Light your home up. Not only does this dispel the gloom and cold of the outside, it brightens and warms your home, making it appear welcoming, cheerful and festive! Buy strings of plain or coloured lights and place them in dark or shadowy corners to bring some sparkle to every corner of the house. Invest in a couple of outside decorations too, to make your guests feel welcome from the moment they pull up outside the house.

Put up your Christmas decorations as early as you like! Small flaws on the wallpaper or even ceiling can be neatly disguised by placing decorations in front of, or on top of, them. If you have been especially organised and have already bought your presents, wrap them using paper that complements your Christmas d├ęcor and place them under the tree, or in another prominent place, to bring a splash 
of Christmas cheer to the room.

Start your Christmas preparations very early, almost as soon as it is decided who is going to be coming over for Christmas. Leaving all the preparations to the last minute is not advisable as you will be exhausted, irritable and in a state of panic by the time Christmas arrives. As early as November, you can begin to tidy around the house, decluttering cupboards and cleaning out the spare room. Go through food cupboards, ruthlessly binning anything past its best by date and anything that has not been touched for months. Once the house has been stripped of anything unnecessary or unsightly, then you can start making lists of items that you need, not forgetting your Christmas alcohol, to make the whole experience a little more comfortable!

As part of the above decluttering, make sure that you check all your soft furnishings, from spare curtains, to bedding to napkins. Wash and iron anything that you might need during the busiest part of the holiday season so that you know that everything is present and ready to use. Update the bedding for the guest room if it needs it, rather than leaving it to the last minute and perhaps needing to rush out and spend money allocated to other Christmassy necessities.

Prepare the guest room as early as possible, keeping it dusted and aired out. Even if no-one plans to sleep over, plans can change suddenly! Parents are often grateful to have access to a room where their children can have a nap after exhausting themselves with a glut of presents, food and Yuletide joy. A tidy room is also handy for piling guests coats and handbags, if space in the hall or living room is short.

Plan, shop and thoroughly enjoy your Christmas baking and cooking. Plan out menus at least one month in advance and make sure that you have all the required ingredients. Some foodstuffs need to be prepared days or even weeks in advance and if you are making any of these items, make a note in your diary of what needs to be done early. Fruit cakes and mince pies last fairly well, while biscuits can get soggy if not packed into airtight containers. Bake in order of durability and make enough to see you and your guests into the New Year. Once all the baking and basic food preparation has been done, you will hopefully leave yourself with very basic tasks to do each day. This means that you will get to enjoy Christmas along with the whole family. Cheers!

 Happy Holiday Planning!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Gift for a little one at Christmas.

A little girl is about to get this cute doll for Christmas. She was a custom order and they wanted her to have braids. I hope the little girl will like her new doll. Merry Christmas!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thanksgiving Weekend Sale!

Saturday November 30,2013 10-5 and Sunday December 1, 2013 10-4 we will be celebrating the start of the holiday shopping.There will be 15% off of your total purchase. Come and explore all the treasures in the shop. I am sure you will find something, for that special someone on your list.
You will find us at 2236rte.106, Perkinsville, Vermont. #802-263-5725


Monday, November 4, 2013

Ready for the holidays.

I have created several of these white ornaments. They sparkle in the sun light and would look really pretty in one's holiday decorating. I am attending a small craft fair this coming weekend and I will be taking a basket full of these beauties with me.