Saturday, September 4, 2010


I love pretty things. I like to wear pretty things. I like to decorate my home with pretty things. I put pretty statues in my garden with my flowers. I just like pretty! I guess you could say that I see beauty in a lot of different things, and I love to surround myself in beauty. Sometimes when I see beautiful things, I think about what else that item might become. For example, I go to a lot of flea markets and antique sales, around New England, where I often find vintage doilies, lace, and handkerchiefs. I see these beautiful old keepsakes and think, "How could I incorporate these into one of my pillows?" This is what makes my one-of-a-kind pillows so special. They're all made to feature unique found items that I find appealing to the eye. Each pillow takes on its own personality or tells its own story. I try to utilize different styles and colors so there's a pillow for everyone--and if you can't find the one for you, we can create one together. The top 2 pillows have been sold.